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Make things that mean things.


01 biography

I am an ordained pastor and working artist in Northwest Arkansas.  As a creative, I am rebellious and relentless in my work for a world that actually is what it could be - physically and spiritually, "on earth as it is in heaven" as Jesus dreamed.


As a little girl growing up in religious fundamentalism, I learned that I should love God above all else, and I felt such fear because I knew in my little heart, I loved the wild beauty of my rural Pennsylvania woods more than the god of Sunday school Now I know that like any good mother, God delights in my delight and that everything that unifies us with our world and each other is church ... a good cup of a coffee with friends, walking barefoot in my garden, making a new piece of art, as much as serving communion. 

My husband Robb and I planted and pastored a creative church called Vintage Fellowship for fifteen years and recently retired from that work. Together we have four children, biological and adoptive, ranging from elementary school to college graduate adults. 


In 2018, I completed a room-size mosaic installation in the Conrad Hilton of Washington DC while my husband ran for US Congress. Our congressional run was documented in a film called True Believer by Sarah Colt Productions. I am available for more installation work.  

In 2020, I joined the Vote Common Good political tour and wrote about my experiences in the compilation book called How to Heal our Divides with Brian McLaren, Diana Butler Bass, Shane Claiborne and many others. 

I sell in two Etsy shops: one for vintage home decor, The Classic Butterfly, and clothing and another for my small mosaic pieces, The Mosaic Butterfly.


02 blue willow wall

In 2018, I installed the Blue Willow Wall, the dimensional art piece that dominates the private meeting room at the Estuary restaurant at the Conrad Hilton Hotel in Washington DC. The Blue Willow Wall is comprised of fourteen panels, using over 500 dishes and took two years to complete.


03 media

As a pastor, I often talk about my spiritual journey from fundamentalism to progressive Christianity. I am passionate about helping others, especially women, find their voice.


How To Heal Our Divides

contributing author 

Vanessa Ryerse - In the Flow

The Revelation Project with Monica Rogers

Vanessa Ryerse - Upsetting the Trance of Unworthiness

The Revelation Project with Monica Rogers


Vintage Fellowship, Fayetteville AR

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Mosaic Portfolio

04 mosaic gallery

I create one-of-a-kind broken china mosaics available in my Etsy store, The Mosaic Butterfly.

Indoor Mosaics

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