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A Passover Communion Benediction

March 28, 2020

On Friday night, my son at a Passover meal.

His roommate's parents --in San Francisco

ordered the meal from Katz Deli

on the opposite coast

in New York City.

I like thinking about these hungry boys

So young and full of life

Just a month ago,


in separate rooms

lonely and scared

wondering what testing positive for this horrible virus would do to them.

From take out boxes, with plastic forks

a pastor's kid and a Jewish kid

shared life together

in what our tradition calls communion.

Something about the generosity of this meal in a dorm room

gives me so much hope

that we can be together in this life

no matter how much gets spilled or sloshed

or triggered and misunderstood

Because of a meal,

We can stay alive,


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